Alabama State Police Arrest 3 Poll Workers In Birmingham

Alabama State Police have arrested three women in Birmingham for allowing more than 3000 invalid votes for Doug Jones to processed through the polling station they had volunteered to operate. The State Attorney’s Division of Integrity in Elections is calling the acts of the women a “blatant disregard for the duties of civil servants, a violation of the public trust and a 2nd-degree felony.”

Wanda Werkmeister, Olivia Pertuiary, and Maureen Brown will all face charges of conspiracy to contribute to widespread voter fraud and violation of the public trust, both punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a million dollars in fines.

Roy Moore’s campaign, on the news that voter fraud was rampant in Birmingham and all of Applevale County, is standing by at the door of the clerk’s office to the 17th District Federal Court of Appeals to file an injunction against a single vote from the Democrat stronghold to be counted.

Pundits on both sides are speculating that the outcome will almost certainly be a Roy Moore win. Sean Hannity, speaking as a guest on Dana Loesch’s new show, Guns God and Grits, said:

“Without that inner-city ghetto vote, Doug Jones doesn’t have a chance. It doesn’t make much sense why someone from the city’s vote is so much more important to Democrats, who swear they aren’t at all racist.”

The Alabama Office of Election Certification and Ethics says it will abide by the wishes of the Secretary of State before certifying the vote and sending it to the governor for his signature.

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