Monica Lewinsky Breaks Her Silence and What She Says Will Make Hillary to be Ashamed Forever

Hillary Clinton chooses the arrogant and hard road, came out against the sexual predator and former mega Clinton campaign donor Harvey Weinstein. Imagine she didn’t give back all his money, she said there is no one to give it to. Also, Clinton Foundation is not going to give back the cash and worse, we just find out that Harvey Weinstein paid for Bill Clinton’s Legal Fees During Monica Lewinsky scandal when he was accused of sexual assault.

Weinstein made a donation to Bill Clinton to help him pay his legal fees. We all know that Bill Clinton is not a stranger to sex scandals – we remember when Paula Jones filed a lawsuit against him for sexual harassment while he was governor. But even this couldn’t stop Hillary from going all with her fake outrage.

Many years ago, exactly in August 1998, Bill Clinton was accused of perjury and obstruction of justice because of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Now Monica Lewinsky in one devastating tweet sets internet on fire with confirming Hillary’s worst nightmare. She saw this tweet online:

With only two words she sets the whole internet on fire:

Ufff that probably hurts a lot, Hillary. You were complicit in what Bill Clinton did to countless women, none more obvious than how you helped silence poor Monica.

These are some of the tweets, but there are more. So Hillary stop pretending a poor victim because you should try to remember all real victims of the Clinton machine, like Monica Lewinsky.

Your dirty games should stop.

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