After attorney Majed Moughni (left) and his client filed a $100-million lawsuit against Little Caesars Pizza for purposefully serving pork as halal meat, the pair heard 4 simple words that had them dropping the frivolous case. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Muslim Suing Little Caesars For $100 Million Hears 4 Words That Make Him Instantly Drop It

Recently, a man filed a $100-million lawsuit against Little Caesars Pizza for allegedly feeding him pork instead of halal pepperoni. However, it only took 4 words from the franchise manager to have him dropping the lawsuit as quickly as he could.

After attorney Majed Moughni (left) and his client filed a $100-million lawsuit against Little Caesars Pizza for purposefully serving pork as halal meat, the pair heard 4 simple words that had them dropping the frivolous case. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

According to the left, Muslims simply want tolerance and acceptance of their religious beliefs. Of course, their pleas for coexistence quickly turn to demands for Sharia recognition, special privilege, and accommodation of their endless religious compulsions. When these demands go unfulfilled or simply fail to meet their standards, threats and legal action are sure to follow.

While the tiny Muslim minority in the U.S. is perfecting the manipulation of our laws against us, we are finding that many of their grievances are either frivolous or completely fabricated. Unfortunately for one Muslim man, he forgot to tie up the loose ends in one of the most corrupt lawsuits in recent history.

Earlier this year, Dearborn resident Mohamad Bazzi and his convert wife, Michelle Meade, acquired the legal services of attorney Majed Moughni, a fellow Muslim who gained notoriety for suing a local KFC for serving a Yemeni-American couple bacon on their chicken sandwiches.

Hoping for a massive payout and to serve as a warning to Americans not to violate Sharia law, Bazzi and Moughni demanded a whopping $100-million in compensation for ingesting the pork product. However, they won’t be seeing a penny after hearing the franchise manager’s simple response.

In an unexpected twist, Moughni and his Muslim client have dropped the $100-million lawsuit shortly after the Dearborn-based restaurant manager revealed to the media that Bazzi had “ordered a regular pepperoni” but wanted a halal sticker placed on the box to make it seem as if the restaurant had sabotaged his order, Fox Newsreports. Not only will Moughni and his clients receive nothing for their relentless efforts, but Little Caesars also recently filed a counter lawsuit against Bazzi for “frivolous actions.”

Of course, Moughni wasn’t about to admit his attempt to scam the chain out of millions, instead claiming that he chose to drop the case because he has received multiple death threats against him and his 11-year-old daughter, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Majed Moughni, who is Muslim and of Arab descent, said he decided to drop the two remaining lawsuits after receiving threats on social media from a man who sent him an instant message on Facebook on Oct. 26 that read: “You better stop your lawsuit against Little Caesars you” followed by an expletive and a racial slur used against Arabs and blacks.

In addition, the man then posted to his Twitter account a tweet with photos of Moughni and family members, including his daughter, that read: “Muslim lawyer who wants to sue #LittleCaesars for $100,000,000 and his wife’s Facebook, daughter goes to” followed by the name of a school she attends, according to screenshots taken by Moughni.

While most lawyers would summon their aptitude for the law by taking these threat-makers to court instead of kowtowing to their demands, Moughni suspiciously threw out his clients’ major lawsuit simply because of a few threatening messages sent via social media, which almost anyone who speaks ill of Islam receives on a daily basis.

Of course, Moughni knows that it’s Muslims who tend to make good on these types of threats. Still, he makes a teary-eyed attempt to gain sympathy and direct our attention toward “Islamophobia” and anti-Muslim hate crimes, most of which turn out to be purely fabricated or committed by fellow Muslims.

The man who made the threats openly describes himself as a “white nationalist,” “homophobe,” and Donald Trump supporter, which gives off the stench of a fake account created to make Moughni the victim. The terms used by the social media account echo the exact lingo that leftists and their Muslim allies specifically use toward conservatives but that conservatives do not use to describe themselves.

Much to Moughni’s dismay, the police informed him that they won’t be pursuing his case against the man because they didn’t believe the messages contained actual threats. Expectedly, Moughni resorted to the typical rhetoric utilized by Muslims, accusing the police of Islamophobia.

For them, “it’s not a crime to threaten a Muslim attorney and his family,” Moughni said.

This only provides further evidence that not only was Moughni likely spearheading a fraudulent suit but also that he’s not very good at his job. In fact, the Muslim attorney already had this lawsuit thrown out of court for failure to provide evidence of their claim.

“Little Caesars is extremely pleased with the court’s complete dismissal of this meritless claim,” the company said in the statement.

Moughni and his Muslim clients are demonstrating the ideal form of conquest in a powerful, progressive democracy. While Muslims have vanquished societies by the sword for over 1,400 years, they’ve discovered that using our laws, liberties, and political correctness against us is a more effective way to bring the West under Sharia rule.

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