Trump Threatens To Cut UN Funding Over Upcoming Vote – ‘We’ll Save A Lot…’

This week, the United States was once again reminded that its allies are fickle and prone to taking opposing sides on important issues. Thanks to Trump’s bold decision to relocate the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the ancient capitol of Jerusalem, nations across the globe are upset.

To express their anger, they colluded in secret and passed a UN resolution condemning the decision, with 14 of the 15 nations on the Security Council voting against Trump’s plan, leaving the US completely isolated. In response to the cowardly betrayal, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley let loose on the guilty parties, reminding them of their hypocrisy on the issue and letting them know that the US would be taking names. On Wednesday, President Trump sent his own message to the UN.

As reported at the New York Post, in response to the UN vote to condemn his actions, Trump has threatened to cut foreign aid to countries that voted against the US.

“I like the message that Nikki sent yesterday at the United Nations for all of these nations that take our money and then they vote against us at the Security Council, or they vote against us potentially at the [General] Assembly,” he said about Haley.

The president was referring to Haley saying that the US would be “taking names” and that it wouldn’t be forgetting what took place.

They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us, we’ll save a lot. We don’t care,” Trump said during a cabinet meeting at the White House.

The president went on to say that American officials don’t even know what our allies and other foreign countries do with the massive amounts of cash we send them annually.

This isn’t like it used to be where they could vote against you, and then you pay them hundreds of millions of dollars and nobody knows what they’re doing. So, Nikki, that was the right message that you and I agreed to be sent yesterday.”

Trump then said he’s gotten nothing but positive feedback on the tough stance.

“And I’ve had a lot of good comment on it, believe me. People are tired of the United States — the people that live here, our great citizens that love this country — they’re tired of this country being taken advantage of, and we’re not going to be taken advantage of any longer,” he declared.

A statement like Trump’s is long overdue. For too long, the UN and our allies have ridden our coattails, taking billions in our tax dollars while still relying on the US for their defense and to shoulder the major global loads. The US has the money and capacity to go it alone on almost any issue, and it’s about time the clowns at the UN were reminded of how little their “assistance” and approval matters in the grand scheme.

Source: New York Post

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