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Muslims Arrive For Their $300,000 Handout, State Slaps Them With 7 Words

Several organizations had just wrapped up their annual spending as they prepared to receive another taxpayer-funded payment of $300,000 from the state. However, soon after they handed in their application, the state promptly responded with 7 words that immediately wiped the grins from their faces. When Muslims migrate to the ...

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Putin: Russia-China Gold Standard Means Death Of US Dollar

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the new Russia-China gold standard spells certain death of the US dollar within the next few years. Metal experts have backed up Putin’s claims, predicting that when BRICS countries launch their internal gold trading platform, the global economy will be completely reshaped, with ...

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CHINA BANS KORAN: War on Islam continues as All Muslim families are ordered to hand over copies of their terroristic holy book

I’m not in favor of banning books. Thought control and thought police are hallmarks of totalitarian regimes, and we’re getting perilously close to living under that boot on the face in the West. The Chinese authorities, like all totalitarians, are going to discover that they cannot entirely suppress thoughts through ...

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